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Should your business be on Pinterest? [Infographic]

It seems like everyone is trying to benefit from the Pinterest train lately, but is it really a good fit for your business? Even though it’s seems to be the place to be – you definitely need to put some thoughts into it before taking any action.

Software company Intuit published a great info graphic to help you to figure out whether Pinterest is right for you. Have a look at the chart below to help decide whether it’s a smart decision.christian louboutin sale,ralph lauren outlet,louis vuitton outlet uk,cheap michael kors bags,cheap wedding dresses

You can click on the image for the full-size infographic.

The story behind the first WP Pinner beta

As mentioned in our last blogpost, we asked for a bit more patience.. We feel like we can’t ask any more patience from you all, which is why the first beta is scheduled to be released.. tomorrow!

Because Pinterest shut down their API last week we had to code many parts of our plugin from scratch again. If we wanted to be on the same level as we were with the API it would take even more time, so we decided to strip some features out (for now) and go live with it already. In the meantime we’ll continue to work on the plugin to add all features as planned.

The story behind WP Pinner

So, what’s the story behind WP Pinner? Some of it is already summarized in other blogposts, but not everything.

We are two WordPress fanatics who only started using Pinterest about a month ago (yes, we’re late to the party). We were surprised there wasn’t any (good) way of managing your Pinterest account so we decide to start building an “All-In-One” WordPress plugin to auto-pin blogposts, schedule pins, follow users and keep track of all statistics such as likes, repins, followers and traffic stats.christian louboutin outlet,cheap ralph lauren polo,
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When Pinerly started to take over the blogosphere a few weeks ago we were a bit shocked (there’s quite an overlap), but soon enough we realized there’s a huge demand for a self-hosted system so users can manage their Pinterest account(s) from their WordPress admin. Besides we have some features they won’t be able to replicate, such as auto-pinning (WordPress) posts.

So far we’ve been proven right: even though the plugin hasn’t been released yet, 2,254 people have shown interest in this plugin so far!

First beta release

As described we’ll start rolling out the first beta tomorrow.¬†This version won’t include all features yet, but it does include the most vital features such as auto-pinning and tracking statistics. Features such as scheduling pins, visualizing the statistics and multiple account support will be added in the next release.

We’ve created a simple video that shows the current state of the plugin. Please don’t hold the quality of the video against us. We’re WordPress fanatics, not video fanatics ;)¬†

Happy pinning!

Wilco & Mark

Just a bit more patience…

After we (successfully) shared the first alpha release last week, we were planning on releasing the beta today. Unfortunately, we had a little setback.. Yesterday Pinterest decided to stop supporting their API. Our main features didn’t use the API (it was too limited for all features), but we did use it for some vital things like logins and stats requests..

So before we can send out the beta, we need to re-code a few of these features to make sure everything works smooth again. Sorry for this folks! On the upside you’ll have some more time to refer your friends to make sure you’re on the top of the list when we send out the beta (so you’ll be the first to get it).

Thanks in advance for your patience!christian louboutin sale,ralph lauren sale,louis vuitton bags outlet,cheap michael kors handbags sale,cheap wedding dresses online

Wilco & Mark

First alpha release is ready

First of all we’d like to thank you all for your patience. We were hoping on releasing the first version of WP Pinner earlier, but we ran into some hiccups that were a bit tricky to overcome. That didn’t hold us back (of course), but it did cause some delay. Sorry for that!

For those of you who don’t know what WP Pinner is or what it’s supposed to do: WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin to manage your Pinterest account (or better yet: to supercharge your Pinterest account). Using this plugin you’ll be able to auto-pin WordPress posts, schedule your pins throughout the day, get detailed statistics, auto-follow interesting users, etc etc etc. Simply put, we want to become the number #1 Pinterest tool out there.

Today we released the very first alpha version of WP Pinner to a small group of beta testers. This way we can make sure everything works like it should before sending it to a larger audience (Tip: Want to be included for the next release? Refer 5 or more peopel before Tuesday).

Some of the elements aren’t finished yet (or not stable enough for our standards) so the first alpha doesn’t have all the functionality the plugin will have. At this point, the plugin will automatically detect your Pinterest boards, whereafter you can auto-post your WordPress posts and keep track of all relevant stats (such as the amount of visitor, likes, repins, etc). Thanks to the automatic image detection and responsive Ajax interface it’s already easy to work with.

So what isn’t included in this release yet?

  • Scheduled pinning
  • Multiple account support
  • Batch pinning
  • More detailed stats reports
  • Pinning non-WP posts (use it for all your pins!)
  • Some very cool features we don’t want to reveal yet
  • Whatever feature requests we get that will provide value to our users

We offer this plugin for free and we don’t ask any donations etc, but we do ask you to help spread the word.. So if you’re reading this, would you mind sending a blogpost or tweet out? Thanks!

During development we also made the following animation about WP Pinner. Feel free to implement it wherever you want!

Until next time,

Wilco & Mark

It is ON!

We love Pinterest! Truly, we think it’s a great new platform which has a lot of potential. However, ever since we started using Pinterest we noticed there are some flaws in their system.. For starters, there’s no good way of having insights in your statistics. Yes, you can see how many repins and likes a certain pin has, but how did that evolve over time? What’s the total reach? How much traffic did you actually get from that pin?

That’s just one of the flaws we noticed. We decided to take action and start building a great tool that would solve all these issues. The perfect Pinterest management system, so to speak. A system that would not only get you new insights, but should also have features that will help you get more followers and post new content, for example.

Since we’re also WordPress fanatics, we decided to create a WordPress plugin to do this. You might be thinking: “Aren’t there already Pinterest plugins for WordPress?” Yes, there are. But these are all front-end plugins to make it easier for your user to pin an image to their Pinterest account. There’s no plugin out there that is able to give you detailed statistics regarding your pins and account, nor do other plugins have the capability to auto-post WordPress posts to Pinterest.

Like the title says, the game is ON! We’re working hard on this plugin, and hoping to release the first beta version really-really soon!

Talk soon,

Wilco & Mark


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